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Thursday, July 31, 2008


today was not such a good day. blame it on pms, the heat or maybe its a full moon-i woke up in a foul mood today. my patience was very thin and i was a bit short with adults today-including Mistress. i failed to heed Her looks and as punishment i had to help Her do alot of the outside work. i hate working outside cleaning up animal waste and clearing out spiderwebs. i was acting up again so She proceeded to hit me in the ass hard with a broom and flick my nipples really hard. i am not allowed safewords during punishments so i just stood there until She was done. my punishment hurt like hell but it hurt worse knowing i had displeased Mistress. i helped Her shower and showered after She gave me permission. when i was drying off in our room She showed me the cherry switch and gave me a look that enough was enough. She then started watching a movie which indicated to me that my punishment is in the past but i needed to leave Her alone.

She is letting me sleep in the bed tonight so i am out of trouble.

do any other subs just have bad days without explanation?

i have turned off comment moderation so feel free to answer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from trip.....back to training

i really enjoyed visiting my friend, we talked, we shopped, we took the children on outings. on about the 2nd day i was homesick for Mistress. W/we chatted on the phone several times a day and it seemed like forever on the train trip home. i felt a part of me was missing being that i kept my submissive identity at home.

once i did return home i immediately felt at ease getting back to my duties. Mistress rewarded me by making me wait for what i needed-some training. i thought She was falling asleep but She grabbed a hold of my hair, started pinching things & had Her way with me. i slept like a baby that night.:) thank you Mistress.

Earlier today She picked some cherries and unbeknownst to me She also picked out a cherry tree switch that She used on me earlier in semi-public and it is now in Her backpack for Her to use later on me whenever She wishes too. She has a talent for picking out just the right things for my training and making me wait until the most effective moment. i have a few welts on my ass from earlier and i like how they feel and look. yes, i am truly a masochist.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

missing Mistress already

i leave for my friends house the day after tomorrow. i know i am going to have fun but i am really going to miss Mistress. i will be calling Mistress a few times a day to tell Her what i am up to but it wont be the same as being with Her. She knows my friend and my friend's husband really well so She has no problem with me visiting them without Her. i actually had to pack my pajamas so i have something to wear to sleep in while i am there.

i have been doing laundry all today while also cleaning the house. Mistress was having issues with Her new laptop so i fixed it when She was napping. i have also been on the last leg of quitting smoking. Mistress has quit with the help of medications. i didnt smoke nearly as much as She did but the hardest is quitting my wake-up cigarette that i have with my morning cup of strong coffee. if i dont have both after my morning shower then its real hard for me to get going with my daily duties. Mistress refuses to buy me anymore cigarettes but She did buy me those nicotine lozenges and they take the edge off.

the weather has been so muggy and W/we have been so busy with other things that W/we havent had much time for scenes or discipline. i do miss it but its up to Mistress's discretion when W/we do anything.

i may blog tomorrow night before i leave. there wont be much to share. tomorrow W/we are sleeping in and just taking it easy all day watching movies and reading. Mistress cooked Her tuna casserole tonight and since She made alot of it, there is enough for leftovers for tomorrows dinner.

i am going to miss you Mistress :(

Thursday, July 17, 2008

sooo thankful to Mistress

Mistress is soo thoughtful of me. i was allowed to get a new wardrobe for my trip next week to see one of my longest bff's. Thank you Mistress :) i love you soo much and am soo fortunate to have you as my Mistress & wife.

Mistress insists on staying home to tend to the animals. my friend and i have known each other since i was 10~she knows of Mistress and my m/s dynamic. my friend is vanilla but we have always accepted each other as is. i am going to be gone all next week but will call Mistress to tell her what i am up to throughout the day. today i have been doing a really deep cleaning of O/our place so Mistress can let most things go until i get back.

Mistress & i have also decided W/we want to live out in the country. W/we have had enough of no privacy in the city. W/we are looking at a few places and are looking for a big enough place for family & for O/our fun.

i have also been learning how to do more things with this blog. there have been plenty of times i have screamed at the pc cause i have buggered it up somehow. from the numbers of the visitor ticker~i know plenty of people are reading it & i want to thank you. you are all welcome to comment on anything i write-good or bad. i just had to put in comment moderation because of a couple comments that i deemed inappropriate and would really offend other people in the lifestyle.

i will be gone the 21st-26th and will write all about my trip when i return. i also hope to catch up on reading my fave blogs that i have listed in the sidebar. i am always open to reading other blogs so if you have one-feel free to comment and leave me a link. W/we do have children & O/our grandchildren are over on occasion~so if your blog contains explicit pics, they will be viewed after bedtime.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

puppy's rules

I decided to just blog my rules for now. I will link them later if the need arises.

puppy's rules:

i submit to my Mistress . i desire to serve and please Her by doing so.

if i displease my Mistress She will tell me and explain how i displeased her & give me punishment at her discretion.

i will always show respect for my Mistress.

i am allowed access to my laptop & the internet. i am allowed to have contact with any other submissives but not any other dom/me's unless given specific permission by Mistress.

i am allowed to remain in contact with my family, friends,etc.. If i am to go visit any of them i am to tell Mistress with proper notice so my other duties can be rearranged if need be.

When not with my Mistress i am allowed to make independent decisions with her rules in mind. if i am unsure i will contact Mistress immediately for her final decision.

when we are alone i will always address my Mistress as "Mistress". When we are around children, in public or around vanilla family/friends i will address her with an affectionate term or her name.

i am permitted to watch the television or DVDs with my Mistress.

my money is mine to keep and after helping to pay bills, i can buy what i want unless it is a major purchase, then i am to have Mistress's input.

it is my responsibility to discuss anything that may become an issue with Mistress. i am responsible for my words,feelings and actions.

it is my duty to make sure Mistress always has a cool bottled beverage next to her.
it is my duty to take off Mistress's shoes & socks at night.
it is my duty to clip her toenails when the need arises.

i am not to diddle dawdle or procastinate

i am responsible for the housework, laundry & majority of the cooking. Mistress will decide when she desires to cook and will inform me so i know not to prep anything else for dinner. Mistress will take care of any of the handywork around the house & i am responsible to help her when needed.

i am to prioritize my daily activities under the following triage. children/grandchildren first then our pets needs then kitchen and bathrooms then rest of the chores.

dinner is at 6pm. all of my other chores will be done by the time it is to make dinner.

laundry is to be done on saturdays.

i am to sleep totally nude and in a way that does not inhibit Mistress's access to me. i am allowed to wear appropriate pajamas in the winter to keep me warm.

i am not to disturb Mistress when she is sleeping unless vital emergency.

when i am on my cycle i am to inform Mistress so she knows that part of me is not accessible at that time.

i will make eye contact with my Mistress when speaking or when my Mistress speaks to me.

i am to always sit or lay down near Mistress or be within calling range. when walking down the street i am to walk on the insided path away from the curb with Mistress on the outside.

my entire sexual being now belongs to my Mistress.

i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Mistress.

i must never touch my erotic parts in a sexual way without permission from my Mistress.

i can use my safewords during a scene but not during punishment.

at home i am to keep the bathroom door open when i am in there.
i am to keep my underarms, legs and pussy shaved.

i am to shower at least once a day (i shower at least 2x a day :) ) i am to wash my hair every other day or when needed during the heat. i am to use only the soaps and shampoo/conditioners that Mistress has helped me to pick out.

i am to wait outside the bathroom door when Mistress is showering & wait for her to call me so i can wash her back.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mistress is all better & last night while she was playing her computer game I was allowed to catch up on blog reading. I was curious to see how many other blogs there were of lesbian submissives. I found a couple but the rest that was googled all had to deal with porn made by and for men. I am not a prude by any standards. I am just irritated at the ignorant concept that sex is the only element in lesbian d/s relationships. Mistress and I do have sex but our d/s dynamic is much more than that. We are, by our understanding, married and raising children & enjoying grandchildren. We have planned on spending the rest of our lives together. Mistress told me that it doesnt matter what society's prejudices are-we are who we are and society can shove their ignorance up their asses. I know she is right but it still gets under my skin that people think of lesbians only in a pornographic way that is only pleasing to men. Just to educate~true lesbians dont act like what is portrayed in porn. Mistress and I will watch some online every now & then for a good laugh.

On a brighter note Mistress rewarded me last night for being so good when she was sick and for not diddle dawdling when we went for a walk yesterday. She was also talking about possibly putting a hook into our bedroom's ceiling to suspend me upside down in restraints so she could have full access to my tits to do her "rocky" routine with. What the rocky routine is she using my tits as punching bags~the small punching bags boxers use by punching real fast in a rhythm with their fists circling over one another while punching. The feeling is delicious and I love the marks it leaves :)

I have pondered blogging my rules and I have decided to. It will just have to wait for a later post or I may link it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mistress & the flu

Mistress was feeling worse yesterday. I spent most of the day at her side. I made the juice that she likes and kept the rag on her forehead moist and cool. I wanted to make some home-made soup but she said her stomache couldnt handle any food. Hopefully she is feeling up to food today. I hate seeing her sick like this. She is the type that never gets sick while I get sick just talking to someone sick on the phone.

She rewarded me to show her appreciation for waiting on her hand & foot. When we retired to bed I took all my clothes off as usual & laid down next to her. She rolled over & started to pinch things. I told her she didnt have to because she was ill. She said she wanted to. I felt so grateful and appreciated that she thought of me soo much to reward me even when she is sick. Afterwards we snuggled and I instantly fell asleep. I tend to get sleepy after a scene-after the endorphins rush through my body I get very relaxed and will sleep like a baby.

Mistress is sleeping in as much as she can. The children know to stay quiet and we take care of the animals so they dont go into our bedroom. We were given 2 baby iguanas yesterday that are rescue animals. Mistress loves reptiles. We also have a 7' python snake but he resides at our son's house. All together at our house we have 4 cats, 3 dogs, 3 ferrets & now 2 iguanas. Most of them are rescue animals. We are finding good homes for 3 of the cats. The house we are looking to move to allows no inside cats. The owner just renovated it and wants to keep it looking new for as long as possible. We have found a good home but the problem is its out of state (5 hour drive) and our truck is broke down at the moment. Our oldest daughter is asking one of her bff's if she could drive us down there with the cats provided we give her the gas money. Well-need to walk the dogs.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Was I born to be a submissive?

Mistress still isnt feeling well. She is running a low fever and needs rest to feel better. Last night while watching a movie with her, I was thinking on if I was born to be a submissive or did it come about from my life experiences.

In my childhood I was always a caretaker. I was independent but also felt the need to give to others. I also had a high pain threshold and being an early bloomer, I was sexually precocious. My first lover was a female friend & satisfying her gave me more pleasure than having my own orgasms. Her and I experimented with different things and I found out the smell and touch of leather makes me very horny & wet.

My first male lover was much older than me & was very patient in teaching me how to give blowjobs and fuck men. After I left home I met and fell in love with a man who was into light bondage and spanking me while we were fucking. He also had certain rules I had to abide by or I would be punished and forbidden to cum. He also introduced me to swinging and I loved fucking women for him to watch.

My first master was a man from Spain. I met him at a BDSM club and he was whipping one of his slaves. The sight of it instantly turned me on and I was envious of the slave who was getting whipped. Him and I talked for awhile and I was awed by his aura of power and confident assertivenes. We exchanged phone numbers and for the next few weeks we chatted on a nightly basis. I inquired on if he would think about training me. He said we would meet the next day for lunch and then go to his house for my first scene. His house was huge but I was most impressed by the dungeon he had set up in his basement. We talked about what things were off limits to me and what things I was interested in. He then ordered me to disrobe and fold my clothes and put them on the stool I was sitting on. I was in such a hurry that I didnt really fold the clothing the best I could. He swatted my ass with his open hand and said "Fold them again-and do it right this time". I obliged. He then put handcuffs on my wrists and then chained me to a hook on the wall and told me to spread my legs. He put a blindfold & gag on me. He then put a rock in my hand and put a metal bowl under that hand on the floor. He said that if I wanted him to stop at anytime, to drop the rock in the bowl and he would stop immediately. I heard him step away from me and then I heard nothing. It seemed like forever until I felt a flogger being caressed down my back and into my ass and teasing my pussy. My pussy was getting moist and my nipples were starting to get hard. I then felt the flogger leave my skin and then felt it slap against my back. It hurt soo good and just made me more turned on. I moved my body to be closer to him while he was flogging me. The more he flogged me, the more pain I felt and the more horny I became. I then felt his breath close to my ear and he said that he was going to next leave marks on me. He left again and right after I smelled his cologne again, I felt a slash across my back. I realized he was using a whip on me. It felt alot better than the flogger and my head was getting an euphoric rush from the pain. As the pain grew more intense-the glow behind my eyes was getting brighter. I became unaware of the physical world around me and felt like I was floating on clouds. I was on the clouds for a bit and then I became aware of his arm around me while with the other hand he was taking me off of the wall. He kept the blindfold and gag on and led me further into his dungeon. I heard him unlock a door and he took me into a room and told me to sit. When I sat I realized I was on a bed. He then took off the blindfold and gag. He turned me onto my stomache and hooked my handcuffed hands to a hook on the headboard of the bed.

He raised me onto my knees and proceeded to fuck me doggystyle. Being fucked after all the glorious pain was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. I felt myself ready to cum, he realized it too and said "Don't cum until I say so slave". He fucked me for what seemed like an eternity and I needed to cum real bad. He then said "Cum now,right now slave". I came really hard in multiple orgasms and felt him cumming. He then unhooked my hands and told me to lick our juices off of his cock. I obliged. He then had me look into the full length mirror at my back and ass. They were both full of slash marks. I liked the look of them and thanked master. He then had me lay down on my stomache on the bed and he proceeded to rub ointment onto my slashes.

I was his slave for 3 years. I have children and he wasnt into having children in his house so it wasnt a 24/7 arrangement. On the weekends that the children were gone at relatives or friends, I would stay at his house and have a 24/7 weekend. Unfortunately his father passed away after a long illness and he went back to Spain to take care of his mother (he is their oldest son).

After him I have been searching for another dom. When I met my wife, she had never been involved with m/s as much as I have. I just sensed in her that she would be the perfect domme for me. We talked about it and are now in a 24/7 m/s relationship.

After thinking about it while writing this entry-I believe my being a submissive is a result of both by nature & nurture. What do you think?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

BDSM quiz

Mistress isnt feeling well today so while she is napping-I took a quiz I found on another submissive's blog.

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with
You scored as Submissive

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.)))
It feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominant person wouldn't be a bad idea.





Degradation Lover






Exhibitionist / Voyeur










The results arent suprising. I am submissive, a masochist, into being degraded (only by Mistress) and I love bondage with Mistress.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling out of sorts

I am not to sure if its the heat or the crowds of people due to the recent holiday or the fact that we have decided to move again, but I have been feeling blase' and out of sorts for the past couple of days. It has nothing to do with Mistress or anyone in my life. I just feel ungrounded. I hate moving but we need to. The new owners refuse to fix things and while letting people party and fight until all hours-they bicker about our dogs. Once when I was walking the dogs, a drunk man approached me and began to touch me. I kept putting my hand up and backing away. Our oldest dog got in between us and bared her teeth and growled at him. He got the hint and left me alone. The rule now is I never walk the dogs without my cell phone or after dark. Mistress and I have been talking about getting a house out in the country with alot of land for all of the animals we want and for our children/grandchildren to play around without having to worry about annoying neighbors. I can also plant a vegetable garden while also planting as many flowers as I want and where I want. Mistress can have a huge tool shed to fix things in and all the land she wants to build things on.

I didnt realize how much I missed the country until we went camping. The country is so peaceful. We had to walk a mile down to the beach. The heat was too much for Mistress so she sat in the shade while I played in the sand and waded around in the ocean. I must have been a sea creature in a past life. Nothing rejuvenates me like the ocean. We gathered sand dollars and watched people dislodge their boat that got stuck in the sand at low tide. I was feeling a little too

full of myself later on but Mistress reminded me that even though we were on vacation, she was

still in charge. I didnt even realize I had crossed a rule until she corrected me. Then I was like "oh my god, where did that come from". She had a good hold of my hair and said "why are you being a smart-ass". I had to rethink what and how I said what I said and realized I was being a smart-ass. I apologized and she let go.

The next night I had gotten too much smoke while cooking in the fire. It gave me a terrible headache which made me grumpy and wheeze. Mistress gave me leniency due to my not feeling good and we went to lay down for a bit for my lungs & head to clear. Mistress is so good to me when I dont feel good. Other dom's may not approve but when I am really sick, she makes me homemade soups, teas and makes sure I keep up on taking the meds that I need.

On the final day, we had to hike about half a mile back to catch our ride. It was hot & humid and the cart I was using was falling apart. Mistress told me at the halfway point that if I made it to the end in her time limit, I would get a reward. I hauled ass down that trail and I was rewarded later on :).

Mistress has also given me the laptop she just bought last year. She is getting another model that works better for what she does. The laptop I am getting is perfect for my computer needs. I am now on a desktop that I share with our children so blogging as much as I would like to is not practical.

until next time,

playtoy's puppy

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Hello there & welcome to my blog. I am a lesbian submissive and I am using this blog to write & share my thoughts,feelings & opinions of being in a 24/7 d/s relationship with my Mistress. She knows I am doing this and has set certain restrictions on me of what I can and can not share.

Our personal information will never be revealed nor will personal pics. We will never send anyone pics either. I will also not share certain details of our relationship and intimate moments.

I will blog as time allows. We lead very busy lives. We just got back from an extended vacation and we are both exhausted. We enjoyed ourselves and are now settling back in to our normal routine.
I was a submissive about a decade ago until my master had to move back to Spain. My next master really crossed alot of my boundaries, became abusive and so it has taken me 10 years to find someone I trust enough to be my dom. I have always considered myself lesbian bi-what I mean by that is some men do attract me but I have always preferred women. Mistress is the first woman to ever be my domme. We have been together for a few years and talk about everything.
One thing I must say though is our d/s relationship may not be like other d/s relationships. As in all relationships, different things work for different people. I refuse to live up to anyone standard's but Mistress's.
Until next time,
playtoy's puppy