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Sunday, November 16, 2008

a little update & mild rant...

not feeling really in the mood to blog so much. not sure if its the weather, the bug going around the house or the fact that my rheumatoid arthritis is back with a vengeance. my laptop still is in the shop so i only have privacy in the early morning to blog, read other bdsm blogs or go on any of the bdsm sites i frequent. i am trying to comment on other blogs more after my morning coffee.
i have been busy around the house getting it spring cleaned for the holidays. the ra has slowed me down a little and i get tired alot. i have also been forgetting alot-lost my cell phone in the house and it must be dead because when i called it-i dont hear a ring. my mission today is to find the thing.
Mistress has been really patient due to the ra....although something last night bugged me. i was deep frying some hashbrown patties for Her. my hands were stiff and was having problems grasping the patties with the tongs. Mistress told me She would do it...i started to insist i could do it and then She gave me "that look" so i handed over the tongs. i hate it that i am not up to par. Mistress still corrects me when She senses an attitude in my voice but She is treating me with kid gloves when it comes to domestic service when the ra is restricting my movements. i still insist on putting Her shoes on & taking them off...even though it takes me more effort to get up off the floor afterwards.
i am calling to get a new doctor tomorrow. my current/soon to be former doc is a quack. he states that even though my records say that i have had ra since i was young and my blood work says i have it (the numbers on my bloodwork are high but he says not high enough for me to see a specialist) any complaint that i have...he diagnoses it to me getting older (i am 38) and that i am overweight (i have lost 100 lbs in the last 18 mos. and the pain is worse now than ever). sorry about the rant...
anyhooo....hopefully soon my laptop will be fixed and i will have better medical care so i can be the bestest slave i can be.


  1. she didn't take the tongs because he things your'e incompetent because of the RA, she took them because she loves you.

    a master shows his/her slave love by taking control of him/her. this includes taking control of things that they know will hurt said slave.

    you got the look because you didn't let her take the tongs.

    service is doing what you are asked, and following what you are told.

    the hand that floggs you is the hand that holds you

  2. i know-i was more upset at myself because sometimes i am unable to do everything that i want to do.
    Mistress and i talked about it and She helped me understand that i am no more less a slave when She does what She wants than when i do things for Her.