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Sunday, August 31, 2008

more training

sorry that i havent posted in almost a week. Mistress and i have been real busy with many things and more training. W/we went to the home improvement store where Mistress was able to get the prices on Her projects. She also picked out some eye bolts & chains and gave me a look to let me know that those are for what She has in store for me. She also has a cage/crate She has told me i will be kept in as punishment for minor infractions.
the next day W/we were running errands and i got a bit mouthy. O/our truck is broken down so W/we were using public transit. to teach me to keep my mouth quiet She pinched my nipples really hard and gave me a look to act normal. i was sitting by the window and She was sitting by the aisle so no one could see what She was doing under O/our bags. i knew better than to say anything but the hardest part was not making any faces to give away that She was torturing my nipples. when W/we got home i cut Her hair. W/we were taking a shower when She got that look in Her eye. She began to tease my breast & nipples. my clit got really hard and i told Her so. She then put the shower on pulsate and pulled the shower head & put it right on my clit. i instictly went to move away and She said "DON"T" & tweaked my nipple. She moved around the shower head until i thought i was going to cum. my hands were behind my back. i looked at Her for permission for release and She had a smirk on Her face. She pulled the shower head away and then put it back again to bring me to the brink of cumming. She did this a few more times but refused to let me cum. She turned the shower head back to spray and started spraying down my face. i held my breath until i thought i couldnt hold it no more and She would pull it away so i could breath. She had the water on very warm but when She got out to let me shower-she turned it down to just above cold. i showered with the curtain half open while She dried off so She could watch me with hardened nipples from the cool water. to make things colder She opened up the door & the draft made my nipples that much harder. She left me to finish and when i went to O/our room to dress-i was disappointed to not find Her there. i found Her outside and She refused to allow me toytime or to finish fucking me. She did have me go into the house where W/we did some improvised needle play with skewers. She didnt break the skin as i knew She wouldnt. She still pressed real hard~it hurt but not enough for me to use the safeword. She knows i trust Her. the next morning W/we went outside in the cold and engaged in more nipple play. Mistress loves it when my nipples are hard so She can flick them and squeeze them to make my pussy wet. She was doing such a good job i thought i was going to cum. She sensed it and stopped. i am still on orgasm restriction and i am not allowed to touch myself erotically.
i forgot to put my glasses on while reading again so i was internet restricted for a day.
the next day W/we received a new bed from some good friends. they had bought it for their spare room in their previous house. they moved into a smaller place so they gave U/us the bed that was only slept on a couple times. Mistress and i love it and bought satin sheets for it. i can't wait to break the bed in but O/our main priority right now is keeping the house quiet so the children can rest up for their first day of school.
that pretty much was O/our week.

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