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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


today Mistress and i ran a few errands and made it home before it began to downpour again. i think this area has seen the last of summer. anyhow...Her and i were talking again on safety words. Mistress wants to do more training with a mouth gag and bondage. She came up with the idea that when i am gagged if i need Her to stop right away~i will tap 3 times. when She wants to check on me She will say my name 3 times and if i don't acknowledge Her She will cease immediately. We practiced some today when the kiddies were on the other side of the house. Mistress had me in strange positions and She would instruct me on when to tap out and i did. Mistress has it in Her head that i am more limber than what i am. i mentioned to Her afterwords that i am a submissive lesbian~not a submissive contortionist. She had me in one position that i felt my heel was going to touch the back of my head. i know that would never happen but thats what it felt like.

Mistress has been also anxious for school to start. we already have the kids back on their school sleep schedules. all that needs to happen is for the first day to get here and i have a feeling Mistress is going to make up for lost time so i may not be able to blog for a few days while we celebrate our privacy :)

this weather sucks. the lack of sun really affects my energy. Mistress and i are going to a home repair store tomorrow to look for supplies for Her many projects and i am going to check out full spectrum bulbs. i read that they really work by simulating sun light which will help with us feeling soo blah. they are also really good for houseplants which i am getting once we get moved. i am not really sure what project Mistress is working on now but She said She wants to complete it asap.

oh-i did have someone message me on fetlife who asked why i hadnt posted any personal pics. Mistress restricts me from doing so. Her rule is i am only for Her to look at~end of discussion. i am "Her puppy", "Her girl", "Her wife",etc.......

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