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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

an aching back and aching for play

i went to the doctors and found out i severely strained the muscles in my lower back. Mistress has put me on light duty. i appreciate it but it also bugs the hell out of me that i am unable to do all of my duties. i am on a muscle relaxant and pain reliever and my back is feeling better. i am only taking the meds at night now...i hate feeling doped up during the day.
we are now in another state living in a huge house. the house owner is an old friend of mine who lives in the garage that was made into an apartment. we had to put our calico cat down. we found out she had cancer that had spread everywhere. we miss her but know she is at peace and out of pain. we now have a boxer/bulldog mix that my friend found. he is a moose and a character. he has taken a liking to Mistress.

with all of the packing and moving...Mistress and i havent had alot of private time. instead of a few hours at a time...we have moments that Mistress will torture my tits or spank my ass. She made a home-made flogger out of 1/4 inch rope that She put knots in at the end. She introduced me to it by smacking me with it really hard out of the blue. it scared the shit out of me-i thought something had bit me. Mistress giggled and promised that if i didnt behave i would be getting more of it. the next day is when my back went out. i was bending over to move a backpack off of a box i wanted to bring into the house...i felt a sharp pain in my back that went down into my legs. i fell over and laid there trying to get the pain under enough control that i could stand up. Mistress heard me cry out and came over and asked what was wrong. i told Her and She giggled at the sight of me trying to get up into the chair. i still went through things...i was determined to work through the pain. the next day when She saw that i was having problems just trying to sit on the toilet...She told me to go to the doctor. She said if i didnt go She would take my mind off of my back pain by making something else on my body hurt alot worse.

today i am doing laundry and moving the things in our room around to move the bed. its by a window which is putting a cold draft onto Mistress. my friend noticed that i do alot of the housework and inquired on why my wife doesnt do some of it. i told her that is between my wife and i and that is what i want to do. i may explain to her later Mistress's and my dynamic but at this time i am not really in the mood to explain it.
i hope that Mistress and i have more private time soon. She needs it and so do i.


  1. I am glad things worked out. Ans sorry to hear about your back. Really take it easy...Back damage is hard to fix.
    Take care, pup.

  2. you don't know me stalker here, sorry to hear you are hurt. Glad to hear you got settled in a house and glad to see you blogging, I have become addicted to your blog and that is why I wanted to drop a line and say thanks!

  3. So sorry to hear about your back. A back strain is nothing to fool around with though, so please take it slow and easy. If you make the injury worse who will be there to take care of your Mistress and family???

    Glad you've found a place to live and are settling in. Just be careful!


  4. Back pain is the worst! I used to suffer badly from it, sometimes for weeks at a time!

    When you feel a bit better I recommend doing some yoga and pilates. Just buy a DVD and do it at home. Your back will love you for it!


  5. thank you everyone for the wishes for me to get well.

    i am taking it easy. Mistress has been wonderful and taking care of me while still allowing me to do as much service for Her as i can.