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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i am soo lucky...

to have such a wonderful,loving and understanding wife and Mistress.
my back is better but not all healed. Mistress has added a few more duties that i can do that won't compromise my back.

early this morning She sensed that i needed pain. i was servicing Her feet and She had me lay all the way down on the floor. i love kneeling and laying at Her feet. i would do it everywhere and all the time but that isnt practical. anyhooo....when i was laying down She proceeded to step hard onto my tits and nipples. i wasnt allowed to move or make a sound. the pain felt soo good and my pussy was getting wet. Mistress saw that i was turned on and told me i will have to wait for toytime. She continued to press down with Her feet onto my tits until She knew that i had enough. i thought She was done but when i was in the kitchen starting to make Her breakfast...She came over and proceeded to pull and twist my nipples. She then popped me in the ass and told me what She wanted for breakfast. i am now all twittipated and She told me we are going out today. i am not sure what She has in mind. i think it will be fun as i havent done anything out of line lately.


  1. Your Mistress obviously likes playing with your tits and you must too the way it makes you wet when she steps on them. Glad you're having some play time. Are you still on orgasm and razor restriction?

  2. yes-i am still on orgasm and razor restriction. the restrictions help me deepen my level of submission. Mistress is training me to be more of a service submissive now.