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Friday, October 31, 2008


wishing everyone a safe & happy halloween.
seeing as today & tonight Mistress and i are going to be busy with family things. Mistress gave me my halloween treat early...with a trick. i had just taken a shower when Mistress told me to lay down on the bed on my back with my legs spread and to not move. She then proceeded to apply some sexual enhancement gel to my clit with the smirk She gets on Her face when She is up to something >:) the gel started making my clit tingly and very cool. i was already horny before She applied it and the gel made my clit that much harder. Mistress then brought out my favorite toy and told me to turn it up all the way and put it on my clit and keep it there until She said to take it off. i did as i was told. when the vibration hit my clit i almost came right then and there. Mistress then had me turn onto my side away from Her and i heard Her rummaging through Her toybox. i was into the glorious sensations on my clit when i heard a "whip" and felt the bullwhip sting on my ass. the feel of the whip with the sensations on my clit made me start tumbling into an orgasm. i asked Mistress if i could cum and She said i could cum whenever i wanted. She continued to whip my ass and my back. i kept cumming and each orgasm was more intense than the last. i few stings of the whip were a bit too painful but i never safeworded. Mistress sensed it and eased up a bit.

i heard the phone ring from where i was in subspace. Mistress told me not to make a sound as She answered the phone. it was a family member who needed us to help them with something. Mistress put the whip away and let me cum a few more times. i went and cleaned up and started to get dressed. i saw Mistress with the zip-ties. She proceeded to put a zip-tie really tight around my left nipple...and when i say tight...i mean TIGHT!!! Mistress then started laughing because my nipple started turning a deep purple immediately. She brought out the scissors and then after trying to cut the zip-tie off She said "here,you try to get it off i cant do it". i tried and couldnt. She then mentioned something about going to the emergency room. i started panicking and told Mistress i didnt want to go to the emergency room. i started crying "its going to fall off"
Mistress laughed and i then realized in my subspace haze that the whole thing was a joke. She snipped off the zip-tie and we finished getting ready and went to help our family member. was your halloween???

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