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Monday, October 27, 2008

my celebrity look-alikes

some of my readers have messaged me via fetlife and inquired on seeing pics of me. Mistress still restricts me from doing so. recently i ran across a website that compares your face photo(s) and the results come in percentages as to which celebrities the photo looks like. i compared several of mine and the top of the list always included thora birch, kimberly williams and missi pyle. Mistress thinks the thora birch is dead on of me when i was younger. She also says kimberly and missi do favor me in the face too. i didnt see it at first until i compared the photos and i do look alot like them. kinda wierd how the face i see every day is hard for me to see in the faces of others.

if i dont post before friday-i want to wish everyone a happy & safe halloween :)

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