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Monday, October 13, 2008

the tale of toys & the tidal wave

Mistress now has me off of orgasm denial :). She gave me permission to have toytime when She was out running errands on saturday. the children were gone so i had the whole place to myself. i was using the dolphin toy on my pussy and after i came a couple of times an idea hit me-"i wonder what it would feel like to use this and the vibrating egg on my pussy at the same time". now to remind you-Mistress did Her "tim the tool-man" routine on it and now has the wires safely spliced to a big plug for more power. the last few times the egg has been used on me i have squirted so i got out the usual towels W/we use to make cleaning up easier. i laid down on the towels and started with the dolphin toy again. it is my favorite as i know how & where to put it for maximum effect. the shaft part goes around and around so it stimulates my gspot just right. i was getting into it and started to feel an orgasm on the horizon. i plugged the egg in with my free hand and then applied it to my clit. oooooooh mmmmmmy goooooood. it felt so good that i felt myself instantly starting to cum. i didnt want to and held it off as much as i could. i pressed the egg harder into my clit so it would also vibrate into my gspot and i was rewarded with the exquisite sensation of needing to squirt. i let go and came and squirted like usual. while i was convulsing from cumming my thighs cramped together which pressed the dolphin toy & egg harder into me. i felt another orgasm hurdling at me like a freight train and i knew it was going to be a big one. i couldnt relax to get my legs open and my legs were to weak to stand up. all i could do was lay there. i held onto the bed so i wouldnt fall off (hate it when that happens). the orgasm hit and i felt my juices gushing onto my inner thighs. i just let it all out. as soon as that orgasm started to go away-another one was on its heels. with every orgasm i squirted more and more. all i could feel was the heavenly sensations in my pussy. i lost count of the orgasms and became unaware of my surroundings. i thought i was going to masturbate myself to death. is that possible? i could imagine the headline "nympho dies from masturbation". when i became aware of earth again i found that the batteries had died in the dolphin and the egg had somehow found its way away from my clit and onto the bed beside me. i was all tingly, glowing and really relaxed. i savored the moment for awhile to let the feelings come back to my body and limbs. then i started to feel wetness, underneath all of me, and it wasnt sweat. i thought maybe i had somehow knocked over my glass of water. however when i looked-the glass was still there with water in it. i sat up & looked and saw that the whole bed was soaked. oh shit-it wasnt water-it was my squirt juices. it was all over the bed, my legs and somehow some had even gotten onto the walls. i took a shower and stripped and made the bed. Mistress called while i was making it and She asked why i was changing sheets. i told her what i had done-She couldnt comment as She was on a bus. when She got home She looked at the sheets and said "looks like you had alot of fun". i told Her i had and thanked Her for allowing me to do it. thank you Mistress

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