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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My surprise....Round One

Mistress woke up in a really good mood on Wednesday. I made us coffee with steak and eggs for breakfast. She said She was tired and wanted us to go lay back down. The moment I laid down She was on top of me. She raised my arms over my head...told me not to move...and started kissing me which always makes me wet. She reached down and spread my legs open and then "smack"...She slapped my pussy. I almost came right then and there. She continued slapping my pussy while biting on my nipples. I was getting really wet and felt like I was beginning to cum. "Nope" Mistress said and I stopped myself from cumming by trying to hold still. Mistress then started flicking and pinching my clit and it felt damn good. She then told me I could cum as many times and as hard as I could because I was doing better with my attitude. I obliged. When I came so hard that I lost the ability to speak Mistress took a break. We were going to go for round 2 but we got a phone call and had to leave to take care of a family situation. We have company again so round 2 will be tomorrow....I hope :) 


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