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Monday, January 10, 2011


i am not sure what got into me today but i went way over the line with Mistress. i got mouthy several times and didnt heed Her "warning" look. The last time i got mouthy Mistress gave me a pardon because i was soo ill. i got a little to full of myself and forgot the rule of always being respectful to Her.

my punishment was a spanking....and not a pleasurable one but i know thats the point. She had me lay down on the bed...i knew not to move and She left a huge handprint on my ass...which is still stinging. She promised if i got out of line disrespectful again, my whole ass would be stinging. i am going to do my best to not test that limit again.

i live to submit to Her so i dont understand why i went so far in things. Mistress wasnt angry with me...She never punishes me when She is angry...but She is disappointed. i am going to start doing check-ins with myself to figure out where my attitude is coming from.

does anyone else get out of line and not know why???


  1. Yep.
    Have no idea why.
    My guess is sometimes it's hormonal - even though I detest that as an excuse for anything (ANYTHING!)
    Other times I think I do it as a way to get attention, ie - I'm feeling neglected or taken for granted. In this case, it's a very passive aggressive thing, and I would much prefer to be grown-up and mature enough to just use my words calmly and rationally to discuss my feelings.
    Oh well - those are my guesses, things I work to improve about myself. They may not have anything to do with your motivation.
    So no matter what you learn about yourself and your behavior - I wish you luck!


  2. Sometimes we submissives need to be reminded just where the line is and without knowing it can test that line. It sounds like that's what you may have done here. It's a way of reaffirming the power dynamic and your place in it. Sure you are going to get in trouble once you've pushed hard enough, but in the end you'll know just where that line is and that it will be enforced.

    It's an odd form of checks and balances but some of the best relationships still have to be tested every now and again.

  3. Thank you Tapestry and Luna :)

    I finally realized what was the cause of my crossing the line and I will be addressing it in my next post.