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Monday, August 4, 2008


when W/we went camping last month Mistress bought zip-ties in bulk for U/us to take & use if necessary. it wasnt until this past weekend that i noticed they were sitting on top of one of O/our bookshelves in O/our room. why they caught my attention was everything else W/we had taken with U/us camping was put back into O/our storage closet right after W/we returned from camping. Mistress is now looking at them and then looking at me. the thought of Her using them on me really has my juices flowing. i wrote to her on an erotic dream i had about them. Her cousin is visiting us so they will have to wait. Mistress knows i am titilated and my libido is soaring. yesterday in the moments W/we had alone She would flick and tease my nipples and in bed this morning She was teasing my clit while pulling my hair. she didnt allow me to touch myself and hasnt granted me permission to have toy time. i am aching for release but will wait for Her permission.

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