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Sunday, August 24, 2008

moving update

Mistress let me know today that when W/we move it will be out of this area. W/we are soo through with living here. O/our middle child is practically out of the house and will be staying with her bff until she turns 18 in the spring and able to get her own place. Mistress had me call the close friend i visited last month and ask her about availability and rental prices. W/we were happy to find out that my friends's sister has a big bedroom for rent in her huge house. i have known her sister also since we were tweens and she knows of Mistress and my M/s lifestyle. she is charging next to nothing & W/we could put our stuff into temperature regulated storage until W/we find a place of our own. W/we will be moving out of state but still be close enough to make weekend trips back here to visit O/our friends that live here. the area is gay & bdsm friendly and alooot more economical.

as for other things....the swelling in Mistress's ankle is down. She is done wearing the boot and She saved all the velcro for future use in making Her own bondage inventions. Her and i were looking at new toys on the web and checked out the ad for "wooden" dildos. although they were interesting to look at-Mistress assured me that they didnt appeal to Her. i would be too worried about slivers getting into my pussy to relax enough to enjoy them.

Mistress showed her appreciation for all that i did when She was off her feet by allowing me extra toytime. i passed as i am still recovering from the flu.

only a couple more weeks until school starts so W/we will have more quality bdsm time. i miss having that quality time with Mistress. it seems lately anytime W/we set aside a time for it-something or someone throws a wrench into the plans-unless its time for punishment which Mistress delivers at Her discretion come hell or high water.

it will be at least a month or so until W/we are able to get on out of here. i will keep you posted.