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Monday, December 15, 2008

missing Mistress in the snow

woke up this morning to more snow. the kiddies are on 2 hour late schedule so i am waiting to wake them up while drinking my morning coffee. i need alot of it as i didnt sleep good last night since Mistress is away at nights now. i also had our youngest in bed with me and sleeping next to her is not for the faint hearted. she kicks, punches and also has to sleep horizontally across the bed and somehow manages to have all of her limbs still hitting me in that position.

i have a feeling i am going to be blogging more when Mistress is away to occupy my time. yesterday i was packing Her up and getting Her boots on. i was dragging my feet and She noticed. She asked what was wrong and i told Her that i was going to miss Her. She was touched by my sentiment and said She would miss me but She wouldnt be too far away and would visit as much as She could. its not that i rely on Her for every breath...Mistress also doesnt micromanage me and knows the house will run smoothly in Her absense. we have been apart before without it bothering me. i think why its bothering me now is that i am still getting over bronchitis and the weather is frigid. the bus schedules are all running late if at all. so if something were to happen-Mistress might be delayed or prevented from getting here. i know i am capable of handling any crisis that might arise-however it would be more comforting if She were here.

i am still on razor restriction and toytime restriction and Mistress also has delegated some things for me to accomplish while She is away. She mentioned to me that She wants the first weekend She is back to be kid free so i am wiggly with curiosity on what She has in mind.

i will keep you updated....


  1. Thank you for getting Mistress' permission to reply to my questions about the L word and razor restriction. I hadn't read your archives and didn't realize you couldn't respond to Doms without permission.
    Anyway, not surprising that the L word isn't that realistic. Probably in the same way that Sex in the City wasn't that realistic for most single straight women in New York.
    Also, congrats that you're still being carded as you age 40. Too bad Mistress won't let you
    share some photos but I guess she wants you all to herself.
    Also, once Mistress returns, maybe you could ask if you could answer another question. I noticed you're still on razor restriction and I was wondering if that would bother you if spring comes and you're still on restriction and people can see your underarms aren't shaven when you wear sleeveless tops because it's so rare to see women these days with hair under their arms.
    And do you mind not shaving your pussy? That would seem to be a pain in the neck trying not to nick such a sensitive area.
    I'll understand if you don't get permission to answer those questions but keep us posted on what happens when Mistress returns. She's probably got some good stuff in store for you.

  2. it will probably bother me if i am still on razor restriction in the spring but will live with it since that is what Mistress wants.
    yes-Mistress does want me all to Herself.

  3. I guess we'll have to wait until spring to see what Mistress does but if you still on razor restriction in the spring and people can see the hair under your arms when you wear sleeveless tops, it'll be part of your submission. I guess it's not supposed to always easy to serve your Mistress. That's why she's such a good Mistress because she keeps finding new ways to keep you submissive.

  4. no it is not always easy, but i do it because being Her submissive is worth it. i know its not easy for Her either since i can be moody on occasion. as She has said to me "you are a bitch but you are My bitch".
    She actually got the idea of razor restriction from another blog that Her and i read faithfully.

  5. Oh, so that explains how she got the idea for razor restriction. I wondered about that because you earlier had your rules including being clean shaven. Does she get any other ideas from other blogs? And I can imagine you're excited that she's coming home and your orgasm restriction may be over soon. That must be tougher to deal with than razor restriction but as you said, it's not easy, but that's the price you pay for being a good submissive. And does she punish you for being moody?

  6. Mistress gets ideas of toys She wants to make Herself from other blogs.
    Mistress allows me to have my moods and bad days. i get punished for being disrespectful.i have written many posts about them.