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Thursday, December 18, 2008

thursday question

got this from luna's blog ( i will try to do this every thursday.
What do you consider domestic service? Do you enjoy serving or being served in this fashion? What tips do you have for someone learning to love domestics?

domestic service to me is doing all of the housework and waiting on Mistress hand & foot. i also do alot of the paperwork and phone calls. it is up to me to make sure the house runs smoothly while keeping Mistress's rules in mind.

i enjoy doing the serving. it has always been a part of my personality to serve others. i get uncomfortable when Mistress serves me by making me soup when i am sick or doing something i am unable to because of a physical limitation. i know that Mistress only does what She wants to and its my job to keep my mouth shut. it still gives me an uneasy feeling though but i am learning to let it go.

tips??? what has helped me is the "flylady" website. she is a godsend!!! i also do little things for Mistress everyday to symbolize my submission and devotion to Her. little things like making sure Her favorite foods are always stocked, making sure there is always Her favorite reading material on Her nightstand, always making sure She has a beverage at room temperature within reach (too cold of things hurts Her mouth) and making sure Her psp is always charged. She never required me to do these things~they are just things i did on my own and i felt all warm & fuzzy when She took notice :)


  1. i would say that domestic service is housework and serving food. i don't think it's something i've ever been drawn to, but each to their own. i guess i'm more of a sexual serving sub...

    t. x

  2. i can relate to the sexual serving sub part too. i am still on toytime/orgasm restriction. i feel like a car up on blocks with its motor revving...but won't release the tension without Mistress's permission...i have been having alot of cold showers lately...and its snowing outside!!!

  3. Awww, that must be tough! i have to ask SG's permission first before release. It's quite a new rule for me and He usually doesn't deny me (unless i've been a bad pup!)

    t. x