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Sunday, December 14, 2008

a lil' snow & update

we woke up this morning to snow on the ground. there is more on the way with below freezing temperatures so Mistress has restricted me to the house for at least today. i still am fighting bronchitis and Mistress has been forcing meds down my throat. i hate meds but know She is doing it for my own good. my asthma is really aggravated so i sound horrid. i still am in good spirits and have been reading and drinking alot of tea.
Mistress leaves tonight to go and house-sit for a friend. its not so much the house She is keeping an eye on but the teenagers that live there. the mother has to go out of state and so Mistress is going to be staying there at night to make sure the house stays in on piece. She is going to visit during the day as much as She can in this weather. i am still on razor restriction and Mistress has also put me on toytime restriction. i thought i had done something to displease Mistress and asked Her why i was on toytime restriction, She said "because I feel like it, you didnt do anything wrong". i am wondering what She is up to but i know better than to ask. She bought me a new package of batteries and put them where i can see them and forbid me from opening them.
we have taken in a pregnant tabby that we found abandoned outside. we have asked everyone in the neighborhood who she belongs to but no one has claimed her. she is ready to pop anytime so we are keeping her warm & fed until she has the kittens and then will find them good homes.
well...Mistress is awake now from sleeping in so i need to sign off to make Her breakfast.

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