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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

an update...

Mistress and i are almost back to normal~"our normal". we had a looong talk and laid all of our cards out on the table. i have been on orgasm restriction on top of trying to quit smoking and cutting down my caffeine consumption on top of the stress of the holidays. i felt like a time bomb ready to explode. Mistress has been having migraines-they are worse than what She had told me (She didn't want me worrying) so She hadn't been in the mood to play. i took Her not being interested personally and thought She wasn't happy with me as Her slave. during our talk She made it clear that if She wasnt happy with me~She would've released me and moved out. She hadn't been punishing me as much because of Her migraines. She didn't want to lose control and hurt me out of Her frustration of always being in pain.

we are now slowly beginning to play again and Mistress has been inflicting pain on me. i will elaborate on that in a later post. this morning i am a happy slave. Mistress and i are communicating and our marriage is better than it has been in awhile. the snow has melted all away with the confusion in our relationship. the children are still home on winter break and we are doing alot of family things together. Mistress is going back to "teen" sit for our friend for a few weeks after winter break. She will be here during school hours but will be spending nights there to make sure the teens don't destroy their house.

for new year's eve we are staying home with the kids~Mistress and the kids are going to be killing demons and zombies on the xbox360 while i make goodies to eat.

life is good now and i know 2009 is going to be even better :)


  1. Really glad to hear that all is getting better... i wish you a fabulous and happy 2009.

    t. x

  2. want to wish you and Mistress a Happy New Year. Glad to see you've got things straightened out and hope you will have more play time in 2009 so Mistress can deepen your slave status. And maybe if you're a good slave, she'll relax your orgasm restriction.
    And good luck on quitting smoking. It's good for your health but it's probably a lot tougher than orgasm and razor restriction.

  3. I'm glad you got things sorted out. It's funny how we let our minds run away with thoughts when they often aren't the way things are at all! I do it a lot!

    NYE sounds like lots of fun, enjoy! All the best for '09!


  4. A happy mistress is a good mistress. Remember your purpose is service. Its easy to start topping from the bottom, without even knowing it.

  5. thank you for all the nice comments everyone.
    yes-a happy Mistress is a good Mistress and one of my resolutions is to work on my mind not running away with my insecurities.
    quitting smoking is tough~still taking it a day at a time.