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Thursday, January 22, 2009

cats are driving this puppy insane....

we are moving tomorrow. everything is packed and we have the reinforcements lined up to get us out of here pronto. we are moving out to the country. the place is a bit smaller but has a bigger yard and a big huge storage unit for our camping gear. there is also a horse ranch across the way. Mistress said we are going to look into horse riding lessons our youngest. there is also a playground and a big field for our youngest to practice soccer in.

i am feeling a bit relieved to be out of here. the animals have been on edge. the cats think the stacks of boxes are for only their amusement. the tabby is lil miss evil knievel in that she will get on top of one stack and jump onto a stack across the room. most of the time she makes it...i almost have cardiac arrest when she crashes to the floor. i dont know if its because of her youth, that she gets bored easily or that she is in heat. she has it bad-she has even tried to mate with Mistress's steel toe boots.

i was touched today when Mistress and i were going through things and i came across some old letters i had written Her ages ago. i never knew She had them. come to find out She always carries them in Her leather jacket by Her heart but had taken them out when we took it into be professionally cleaned. Her and i have been running on fumes and have been a bit testy at times with each other. i have been doing most of the packing and Mistress showed Her appreciation this afternoon before the kids got home from school. She pinned me to the bed and proceeded to flog my tits. She forbid me from cumming. She had to leave and said we would finish later. She told me once we are moved and settled~we are going to have a few days kid free to do as She wishes.

well...need to get back to the last minute packing.


  1. Hope everything goes well with the move :-) it sounds like a great place and i hope you have lots of happy times there

    t. x

  2. Hope all went well and that you're settling in nicely. I guess we'll find out when you get the internet figured out!


  3. Have you thought about filing discrimination charges? I don't know how much good it would actually do. But if your the third couple...I hope all went well.