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Thursday, January 8, 2009


i don't have classed today and the kids are at i finally have the peace and time to update on the playtimes Mistress and i have had.

i can't remember exactly what day it was but the children were gone and i thought Mistress was napping. i went to lay down next to Her to read a book and was pleasantly surprised when She rolled over and punched me hard with that twinkle in Her eye. just that one punch sent my clit abuzzing and my nipples got hard. Mistress started pinching and twisting my nipples and breasts. i began quivering and moaned "oooh yes". Mistress does this thing of grabbing my nipples and twisting them as far as they will go and then rubbing them between Her fingers. the pain is excruciating and i love it. the more She tortured my tits the wetter my pussy was becoming. my pussy was begging for stimulation. Mistress gave me Her sadistic smile and kicked me full force in the clit. i almost came right then~i asked Mistress if i could cum and She said no. She then pushed Her foot hard into my pussy and started rubbing my clit really hard. She was still torturing my tits and told me to not cum. She kept rubbing and torturing until i felt like my head was going to shoot off of my body. She then rolled me over and spanked me hard on my ass. my ass felt like it was on fire which made my pussy drool and quiver even more. i felt myself start to drift away onto the clouds but Mistress grabbed me by the hair and slapped my face a couple times. She gave me a look and i knew that i am not to go into subspace until She wants me to. She picked up an unused flyswatter and proceeded to swat me all over my tits,ass and pussy. i was all tingly, in pain and again felt myself turning into goo. Mistress put down the flyswatter and again started to torture my tits and rubbing Her foot into my pussy. my body was begging to cum...for release...but Mistress refused. i was in the clouds and Mistress decided that i had had enough. She had me drink some vitamin water and laid me down next to Her. She covered us both up while spooning me and we both had a very restful nap in each others arms.

i am still on orgasm restriction. Mistress is training me to deepen my submission to Her. She told me i am to work on not engaging my mouth before my brain. She doesnt care if i havent had coffee or need a cigarette...i am to automatically be Her slave even when i am sleeping. if i can stay smartass free until this weekend then She will allow me to cum. it is going to be hard for me as i dont even know my name before my morning cup of coffee and cigarette. i am determined to do it though. i want to be the slave that Mistress deserves.

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