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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


we came home yesterday to find a termination of tenancy notice on the door. we are the 3rd gay couple to be evicted. we have been planning on moving anyhow~this place is falling apart. the owners know about it~they even took pics of it~and havent fixed it yet. there are other problems they havent fixed. Mistress told me to pack everything up which i am doing and we are finding a place today. it may take a bit to get internet into the new place~but i will be back to posting when we are reconnected.


  1. What a bummer!! i hope you find a much nicer place and soon... *hugs*

    t. x

  2. Good luck finding a new place, moving sucks!

  3. awwww-thanx pup & kay :)

    Mistress did find a place and we are moving tomorrow. moving does suck but getting out of here is worth it.