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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from trip.....back to training

i really enjoyed visiting my friend, we talked, we shopped, we took the children on outings. on about the 2nd day i was homesick for Mistress. W/we chatted on the phone several times a day and it seemed like forever on the train trip home. i felt a part of me was missing being that i kept my submissive identity at home.

once i did return home i immediately felt at ease getting back to my duties. Mistress rewarded me by making me wait for what i needed-some training. i thought She was falling asleep but She grabbed a hold of my hair, started pinching things & had Her way with me. i slept like a baby that night.:) thank you Mistress.

Earlier today She picked some cherries and unbeknownst to me She also picked out a cherry tree switch that She used on me earlier in semi-public and it is now in Her backpack for Her to use later on me whenever She wishes too. She has a talent for picking out just the right things for my training and making me wait until the most effective moment. i have a few welts on my ass from earlier and i like how they feel and look. yes, i am truly a masochist.

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