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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling out of sorts

I am not to sure if its the heat or the crowds of people due to the recent holiday or the fact that we have decided to move again, but I have been feeling blase' and out of sorts for the past couple of days. It has nothing to do with Mistress or anyone in my life. I just feel ungrounded. I hate moving but we need to. The new owners refuse to fix things and while letting people party and fight until all hours-they bicker about our dogs. Once when I was walking the dogs, a drunk man approached me and began to touch me. I kept putting my hand up and backing away. Our oldest dog got in between us and bared her teeth and growled at him. He got the hint and left me alone. The rule now is I never walk the dogs without my cell phone or after dark. Mistress and I have been talking about getting a house out in the country with alot of land for all of the animals we want and for our children/grandchildren to play around without having to worry about annoying neighbors. I can also plant a vegetable garden while also planting as many flowers as I want and where I want. Mistress can have a huge tool shed to fix things in and all the land she wants to build things on.

I didnt realize how much I missed the country until we went camping. The country is so peaceful. We had to walk a mile down to the beach. The heat was too much for Mistress so she sat in the shade while I played in the sand and waded around in the ocean. I must have been a sea creature in a past life. Nothing rejuvenates me like the ocean. We gathered sand dollars and watched people dislodge their boat that got stuck in the sand at low tide. I was feeling a little too

full of myself later on but Mistress reminded me that even though we were on vacation, she was

still in charge. I didnt even realize I had crossed a rule until she corrected me. Then I was like "oh my god, where did that come from". She had a good hold of my hair and said "why are you being a smart-ass". I had to rethink what and how I said what I said and realized I was being a smart-ass. I apologized and she let go.

The next night I had gotten too much smoke while cooking in the fire. It gave me a terrible headache which made me grumpy and wheeze. Mistress gave me leniency due to my not feeling good and we went to lay down for a bit for my lungs & head to clear. Mistress is so good to me when I dont feel good. Other dom's may not approve but when I am really sick, she makes me homemade soups, teas and makes sure I keep up on taking the meds that I need.

On the final day, we had to hike about half a mile back to catch our ride. It was hot & humid and the cart I was using was falling apart. Mistress told me at the halfway point that if I made it to the end in her time limit, I would get a reward. I hauled ass down that trail and I was rewarded later on :).

Mistress has also given me the laptop she just bought last year. She is getting another model that works better for what she does. The laptop I am getting is perfect for my computer needs. I am now on a desktop that I share with our children so blogging as much as I would like to is not practical.

until next time,

playtoy's puppy

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