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Thursday, July 17, 2008

sooo thankful to Mistress

Mistress is soo thoughtful of me. i was allowed to get a new wardrobe for my trip next week to see one of my longest bff's. Thank you Mistress :) i love you soo much and am soo fortunate to have you as my Mistress & wife.

Mistress insists on staying home to tend to the animals. my friend and i have known each other since i was 10~she knows of Mistress and my m/s dynamic. my friend is vanilla but we have always accepted each other as is. i am going to be gone all next week but will call Mistress to tell her what i am up to throughout the day. today i have been doing a really deep cleaning of O/our place so Mistress can let most things go until i get back.

Mistress & i have also decided W/we want to live out in the country. W/we have had enough of no privacy in the city. W/we are looking at a few places and are looking for a big enough place for family & for O/our fun.

i have also been learning how to do more things with this blog. there have been plenty of times i have screamed at the pc cause i have buggered it up somehow. from the numbers of the visitor ticker~i know plenty of people are reading it & i want to thank you. you are all welcome to comment on anything i write-good or bad. i just had to put in comment moderation because of a couple comments that i deemed inappropriate and would really offend other people in the lifestyle.

i will be gone the 21st-26th and will write all about my trip when i return. i also hope to catch up on reading my fave blogs that i have listed in the sidebar. i am always open to reading other blogs so if you have one-feel free to comment and leave me a link. W/we do have children & O/our grandchildren are over on occasion~so if your blog contains explicit pics, they will be viewed after bedtime.

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