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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mistress & the flu

Mistress was feeling worse yesterday. I spent most of the day at her side. I made the juice that she likes and kept the rag on her forehead moist and cool. I wanted to make some home-made soup but she said her stomache couldnt handle any food. Hopefully she is feeling up to food today. I hate seeing her sick like this. She is the type that never gets sick while I get sick just talking to someone sick on the phone.

She rewarded me to show her appreciation for waiting on her hand & foot. When we retired to bed I took all my clothes off as usual & laid down next to her. She rolled over & started to pinch things. I told her she didnt have to because she was ill. She said she wanted to. I felt so grateful and appreciated that she thought of me soo much to reward me even when she is sick. Afterwards we snuggled and I instantly fell asleep. I tend to get sleepy after a scene-after the endorphins rush through my body I get very relaxed and will sleep like a baby.

Mistress is sleeping in as much as she can. The children know to stay quiet and we take care of the animals so they dont go into our bedroom. We were given 2 baby iguanas yesterday that are rescue animals. Mistress loves reptiles. We also have a 7' python snake but he resides at our son's house. All together at our house we have 4 cats, 3 dogs, 3 ferrets & now 2 iguanas. Most of them are rescue animals. We are finding good homes for 3 of the cats. The house we are looking to move to allows no inside cats. The owner just renovated it and wants to keep it looking new for as long as possible. We have found a good home but the problem is its out of state (5 hour drive) and our truck is broke down at the moment. Our oldest daughter is asking one of her bff's if she could drive us down there with the cats provided we give her the gas money. Well-need to walk the dogs.

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