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Thursday, July 31, 2008


today was not such a good day. blame it on pms, the heat or maybe its a full moon-i woke up in a foul mood today. my patience was very thin and i was a bit short with adults today-including Mistress. i failed to heed Her looks and as punishment i had to help Her do alot of the outside work. i hate working outside cleaning up animal waste and clearing out spiderwebs. i was acting up again so She proceeded to hit me in the ass hard with a broom and flick my nipples really hard. i am not allowed safewords during punishments so i just stood there until She was done. my punishment hurt like hell but it hurt worse knowing i had displeased Mistress. i helped Her shower and showered after She gave me permission. when i was drying off in our room She showed me the cherry switch and gave me a look that enough was enough. She then started watching a movie which indicated to me that my punishment is in the past but i needed to leave Her alone.

She is letting me sleep in the bed tonight so i am out of trouble.

do any other subs just have bad days without explanation?

i have turned off comment moderation so feel free to answer.

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