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Saturday, July 19, 2008

missing Mistress already

i leave for my friends house the day after tomorrow. i know i am going to have fun but i am really going to miss Mistress. i will be calling Mistress a few times a day to tell Her what i am up to but it wont be the same as being with Her. She knows my friend and my friend's husband really well so She has no problem with me visiting them without Her. i actually had to pack my pajamas so i have something to wear to sleep in while i am there.

i have been doing laundry all today while also cleaning the house. Mistress was having issues with Her new laptop so i fixed it when She was napping. i have also been on the last leg of quitting smoking. Mistress has quit with the help of medications. i didnt smoke nearly as much as She did but the hardest is quitting my wake-up cigarette that i have with my morning cup of strong coffee. if i dont have both after my morning shower then its real hard for me to get going with my daily duties. Mistress refuses to buy me anymore cigarettes but She did buy me those nicotine lozenges and they take the edge off.

the weather has been so muggy and W/we have been so busy with other things that W/we havent had much time for scenes or discipline. i do miss it but its up to Mistress's discretion when W/we do anything.

i may blog tomorrow night before i leave. there wont be much to share. tomorrow W/we are sleeping in and just taking it easy all day watching movies and reading. Mistress cooked Her tuna casserole tonight and since She made alot of it, there is enough for leftovers for tomorrows dinner.

i am going to miss you Mistress :(

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