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Monday, July 14, 2008


Mistress is all better & last night while she was playing her computer game I was allowed to catch up on blog reading. I was curious to see how many other blogs there were of lesbian submissives. I found a couple but the rest that was googled all had to deal with porn made by and for men. I am not a prude by any standards. I am just irritated at the ignorant concept that sex is the only element in lesbian d/s relationships. Mistress and I do have sex but our d/s dynamic is much more than that. We are, by our understanding, married and raising children & enjoying grandchildren. We have planned on spending the rest of our lives together. Mistress told me that it doesnt matter what society's prejudices are-we are who we are and society can shove their ignorance up their asses. I know she is right but it still gets under my skin that people think of lesbians only in a pornographic way that is only pleasing to men. Just to educate~true lesbians dont act like what is portrayed in porn. Mistress and I will watch some online every now & then for a good laugh.

On a brighter note Mistress rewarded me last night for being so good when she was sick and for not diddle dawdling when we went for a walk yesterday. She was also talking about possibly putting a hook into our bedroom's ceiling to suspend me upside down in restraints so she could have full access to my tits to do her "rocky" routine with. What the rocky routine is she using my tits as punching bags~the small punching bags boxers use by punching real fast in a rhythm with their fists circling over one another while punching. The feeling is delicious and I love the marks it leaves :)

I have pondered blogging my rules and I have decided to. It will just have to wait for a later post or I may link it.


  1. Hello puppy!

    Actually, I've searched everywhere for a long while and your blog has been the first one I've ever found about a real lesbian D/s relationship. There's not that many sites about lesbian D/s, but there is an abundance of porn sites.

    It looks like you just started your blog recently. I just complete started all over with mine earlier this month. I'm not in a D/s, but I like studying differnt types of sex play.

    I'll keep reading your blog though. I think I may already be a fan.

  2. thank you harlot.alot of people read my blog but few comment. i took a peak at your blog and will continue reading :)