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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

puppy's rules

I decided to just blog my rules for now. I will link them later if the need arises.

puppy's rules:

i submit to my Mistress . i desire to serve and please Her by doing so.

if i displease my Mistress She will tell me and explain how i displeased her & give me punishment at her discretion.

i will always show respect for my Mistress.

i am allowed access to my laptop & the internet. i am allowed to have contact with any other submissives but not any other dom/me's unless given specific permission by Mistress.

i am allowed to remain in contact with my family, friends,etc.. If i am to go visit any of them i am to tell Mistress with proper notice so my other duties can be rearranged if need be.

When not with my Mistress i am allowed to make independent decisions with her rules in mind. if i am unsure i will contact Mistress immediately for her final decision.

when we are alone i will always address my Mistress as "Mistress". When we are around children, in public or around vanilla family/friends i will address her with an affectionate term or her name.

i am permitted to watch the television or DVDs with my Mistress.

my money is mine to keep and after helping to pay bills, i can buy what i want unless it is a major purchase, then i am to have Mistress's input.

it is my responsibility to discuss anything that may become an issue with Mistress. i am responsible for my words,feelings and actions.

it is my duty to make sure Mistress always has a cool bottled beverage next to her.
it is my duty to take off Mistress's shoes & socks at night.
it is my duty to clip her toenails when the need arises.

i am not to diddle dawdle or procastinate

i am responsible for the housework, laundry & majority of the cooking. Mistress will decide when she desires to cook and will inform me so i know not to prep anything else for dinner. Mistress will take care of any of the handywork around the house & i am responsible to help her when needed.

i am to prioritize my daily activities under the following triage. children/grandchildren first then our pets needs then kitchen and bathrooms then rest of the chores.

dinner is at 6pm. all of my other chores will be done by the time it is to make dinner.

laundry is to be done on saturdays.

i am to sleep totally nude and in a way that does not inhibit Mistress's access to me. i am allowed to wear appropriate pajamas in the winter to keep me warm.

i am not to disturb Mistress when she is sleeping unless vital emergency.

when i am on my cycle i am to inform Mistress so she knows that part of me is not accessible at that time.

i will make eye contact with my Mistress when speaking or when my Mistress speaks to me.

i am to always sit or lay down near Mistress or be within calling range. when walking down the street i am to walk on the insided path away from the curb with Mistress on the outside.

my entire sexual being now belongs to my Mistress.

i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Mistress.

i must never touch my erotic parts in a sexual way without permission from my Mistress.

i can use my safewords during a scene but not during punishment.

at home i am to keep the bathroom door open when i am in there.
i am to keep my underarms, legs and pussy shaved.

i am to shower at least once a day (i shower at least 2x a day :) ) i am to wash my hair every other day or when needed during the heat. i am to use only the soaps and shampoo/conditioners that Mistress has helped me to pick out.

i am to wait outside the bathroom door when Mistress is showering & wait for her to call me so i can wash her back.

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